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Weekend Recap

On Friday CDM team driver Colby Higgins took to the track at Kingsport Speedway and had a solid practice, qualified P9 and finished P6 on the heels of the P5 car. Colby continues to improves each week as he gets more comfortable in the car and running on concrete vs dirt.

On Saturday Chase hit the track at MotorMile with a solid P5 practice followed up with a P3 qualifying position out of 15 cars. By the luck of the draw from the fans Chase started 8th. Unfortunately the draw once again cost us a decent finish in the race due to a slower car (99) putting us in the wall on the front stretch as Chase was passing him. This caused some body damage as well as duct work causing the engine to overheat which resulted in us retiring for the night. We love MotorMile Speedway Facilities, Staff and the Officials but this 10 car draw system has cost us 2 out of 3 races and thousands of dollars in damage to a new car. 1st race this year we qualified on the pole in his first ever race here and drew a 7 which resulted in some good hard racing and ended in P7, 2nd race of the year qualified P5 and started P7 by luck of the draw and got caught up in a slower cars mess that started in front of him due to the draw. Then yesterday qualified P3 and started P8 by the luck of the draw and same results being wrecked by a slower car. We are very appreciative that MotorMile has given us another facility to race at and as a fan some of the most exciting racing you will ever see but luck has not been on our side so far because of this 10 car draw system.

Thank You to the Fans for your continued support

We have another busy week preparing cars for the next couple of weeks. Colby will be back on dirt next Saturday Chase will either be at Kingsport on Friday or Tri-County on Saturday.

Thank You to our sponsors for allowing Chase and Colby to do what they love.

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