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Chase Dixon to Acquire Sole Ownership of CDM

As season is coming to a close it is time to announce that Chase will acquire sole ownership of CDM effective Dec 1 as his mother and myself want to slow down a little bit. Chase has gained the confidence in me as a Driver and a Crew Chief of his cars he maintains that without a doubt he can handle the day to day operations at the shop and the track.

Chase has already hit the ground running and is in the process of hiring some additional folks to help out this winter in the shop and at the track for next season. Excited for him to announce some of the folks he has on board for next season as he has obtained some veterans with tons of experience and some young guns eager to learn.

We're pleased to have Colby back for the 2023 season and looking forward to seeing what he can do as he's had some good runs in 2022. Rest assured that his Mother and Myself will be at every race that he races in or CDM affiliated team does as we will be there to support and lend a hand.

Chase currently has a rental car with a Brand New Charlie Long Harrington Engine and a new Gen 6 Body that will be ready in a few weeks available for a funded Driver.

• In House Maintenance/Maintaining Program which allows a driver that has a normal job to have his or her car ready for the next race. • Crash Repair, Body Hanging, Set Up, Welding & More • Driver/Coach • Spotting • Test Sessions • Car Rentals available for Kingsport, Hickory, MotorMile, Tri County, Martinsville, South Boston, Cars Tour. • Newest Set Up Equipment in house

CDM Car Rental Program is very affordable compared to some others

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