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CDM to Make First Start in the Annual "Fall Brawl," at Hickory Motor Speedway Start on Oct. 17

We are pleased to announce that Chase and CDM will be making their first Hickory Motor Speedway start on Oct. 17 in the Annual Fall Brawl. We will take the next few weeks preparing the car and testing at the famed track to give him the best car possible to contend for a solid finish. We still have a couple more starts at Kingsport to wrap up the season and accomplish what we set out to do there.

We can't think our sponsors enough for allowing this young man to do what he loves. We will be reaching out to our local sponsors for support for the Hickory event but we realize that it might not be beneficial for some as we will be out of the local area.

With that being said any of our Fans in the Hickory area that knows a company that would be interested in sponsoring this young man please send them our way. Everyone who sends sponsors our way will receive some FREE Chase Dixon race memorabilia and tickets to the race (providing they allow fans).

Our understanding is that the race will be broadcasted live either by Facebook or some form of livestream so here's your chance to have your name or company on a race car. We are constantly mentioning our sponsors on all forms of social media and strive to give you 110% back on your investment. Thank You to everyone who has made this season one of the best ones yet.

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