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CDM Reveals Throwback 276 Scheme

Chase and CDM are excited to announce we will be running the Tow Mater theme from the Cars movie for the Cars Tour Throwback 276 at Hickory Motor Speedway on July 31st.

Chases platform since starting his racing career has been focused on Kids and he wanted to do something special that they can relate to.

Huge shoutout to Zak Hale on the design. He nailed it!

Want to be part of the Throwback 276 at Hickory Motor Speedway with us on July 31st?

We have some space left if you would like to be a sponsor on the Tow Mater themed car. Whether it's a company or an individual we have a spot for you. This is a big race, Chase and the Crew has been working hard all summer running at Hickory to get this car dialed in for this one event. If interested please send us a message and we can talk. It doesn't matter if it's small or big all sponsorship adds up.

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